Free quiz questions

On this page you can chose from a great selection of free quiz questions which you can copy-paste for uses in your pub quiz or trivia questions.

All the answers are present on the page - so make sure you remove the answer if any of these questions are going out as table rounds! I know of occasions where the quiz-master has accidentally left the answer visible, so everyone scored high marks that night!

Also check out the seasonal sections, such as the Christmas quiz questions and sections on the new year allowing you to round up 2010 and talk about the last twelve months. There are various additional rounds such as pop music which can be downloaded as well as some great value rounds on all kinds of subjects.


  1. The Campbells massacred the MacDonalds in which Scottish valley in 1692? Glencoe
  2. Which palace, built for Cardinal Wolsey was later home and a 'prison' to Charles I?  Hampton Court 
  3. Which famous battle of the Hundred Years War took place in Northern France on St Crispin's day in 1415? Agincourt
  4. What was the name of the Russian Mystic who died in 1916 from either poison, shooting or drowing, according to
    different sources (although did actually die from shooting)? Rasputin
  5. Who commanded the Allied forces which invaded Europe on D-Day? Dwight Eisenhower
  6. What name was given to the Chinese peasant uprising in 1900? Boxer Rebellion
  7. Which British Colony did General A. E. Percival surrendered to the Japanese 64 years ago?  Singapore
  8. What family had three of its members assassinated in 1948,1984 and 1991? Gandhi
  9. Who was the first wife of King Henry VIII?  Catherine Of Aragon  
  10. In which City was Dick Turpin Hanged? York

General Knowledge

  1.  In the animal world what is also known as a slater or doodlebug? Woodlouse
  2.   The entrance to which sea is guarded by rocks called the ' Pillars of Hercules '? The Mediterranean
  3.  Donald Campbell's Bluebird was recovered from which stretch of water in the Lake District?  Coniston Water
  4.  Which American state produces the most oil?  Alaska
  5.   In what trade would a model of part of the human body be used, called a “last”? shoemaking
  6.  Trinity House is the organisation responsible for the maintenance of what?  lighthouses
  7.  Where would you find the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow? Disneyworld
  8.  What imperial unit of distance is equal to 4.8 kilometers? League
  9.  In a revised syllabus due out in September, what relgious theory is now covered in Biology lessons? Creationism
  10.  In which city did Lady Godiva ride naked? Coventry

Science, Technology and Engineering

  1.  What has an orbital period of 76 years? Halley's Comet
  2.  Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak together founded which computer company? Apple
  3.  Which British car was the first to sell over a million models? Morris Minor
  4.  What was the worlds tallest structure for 40 years, starting from 1889? The Eiffel Tower
  5.  What claim to fame does Valentina Tereshkova have? 1st woman in space
  6.  The BCG vaccine is used to combat which illness? Tuberculosis
  7.   In mobile phone technology, what does 3G mean? Third Generation
  8.  How many men have walked on the Moon? 12
  9.  This year marks the 70th anniversay of the first flight of which aircraft? Spitfire


  1. In relation to Football, what was introduced during the Severe Winter of 1963 and has been used ever since? Pools
  2. Which team won the 2006 Rugby Triple Crown?  Ireland
  3. Which horse won last years Grand National? Hedgehunter
  4. In which Sport does your team only have to travel 3.6 metres To Win?  Tug Of War
  5. In golf, at what age can a player join the Seniors' Tour? 50
  6. Out of all the teams in the top four English Football Leagues, which has the shortest name? Bury
  7. Which Snooker player was nicknamed the Romford Robot? Steve Davis
  8. Which premiership footballer was the first to score more than 15 league goals in a season from midfield? Frank Lampard
  9. Give a year that Red Rum won the Grand National?  1973, 1974 and 1977
  10. In the 2012 Olympic Games, Horse Guards Parade in London will be the venue for which sport? Beach Volleyball

General Knowledge

  1. In which country is the town of Casablanca?  Morocco
  2. Where would you find a “curtain wall”? Perimeter of a castle
  3. Of which country is Santiago the capital? Chile
  4. In what country was the Duke of Edinburgh born? Greece
  5. To whom was the singer Sarah Brightman married until 1990?        Andrew Lloyd Webber
  6. During which event would one group of people sing to another, words translated in part as: “It is death, it is life, this is the hairy man”? Rugby Match (The Haka)
  7. What anniversary is a Coral Wedding? Thirty fifth
  8. What design contribution to London transport did Henry Beck make? Underground map
  9. In which famous escape from adversity were James Lovell, Jack Swigert & Fred Haise involved?  Apollo13
  10. On which island is Peel Castle? Isle of Man